Public Documents
PLEASE NOTE:  In accordance with NCLRA’s insurance policies, the following animals are prohibited within the Park: 1. Any dogs of the following breeds or any mixture that includes any of the following breeds: (a) Akita; (b) American Pit Bull Terrier; (c) American Staffordshire Terrier; (d) Catahoula Leopard; (e) Chow; (f) Doberman Pinscher; (g) German Shepherd; (h) Husky (i) Malamute; (j) Pit Bull; (k) Presa Canario; (l) Rottweiler; (m) Staffordshire Bull Terrier; or (n) Wolf.  
Master Proprietary Leases
Architect Review Form (must be completed and approved before any lot changes or improvements are made).  
These items DO NOT need an ARB form completed:
  • Replace mulch
  • Stain deck
  • Power Washing
  • Seal Driveways or Pavers
  • Trim Shrubs or Trees
  • Replace boards on existing deck
Consumer Confidence Reports