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Friday, February 1, 2019

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Variety Show GROUP 2 participant meeting
Location: Friendship Hall
Start Time: 2pm to 2:59pm
This will be an informational meeting for GROUP 2 participants in the 2019 Variety Show. The backstage staff will need a list of props that participants will be bringing, along with stage and mic requirements for your act. The sound man will need to know what music, sound effects or song you need so that can be researched and loaded in advance. You will be given direction on how the show will progress and answer any questions you may have. To lessen confusion and chaos there will be two meetings with half of the participants at each. 


Clara, Sue, Susan, Jane, David, Terry, JoJo, Boyd, Dave, LJ, Mark, Janet, Susie, Chad, Shannon

Created By: Cindi Spencer