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Saturday, January 11, 2020

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3rd Annual NCL Reaction Time Nationals
Location: Clubhouse
Start Time: 6pm to 7:30pm
OK boys & girls, Time for the 3rd Annual NCL Reaction Time Nationals! Those that have frequented a drag strip (or attended last year)probably know what a reaction time is. Those who haven't, here is a brief description. In a drag race of two competitors, the elapsed time in each lane starts when the front tire trips a timing beam (not when the green light comes on). It is therefore possible for a slower car to beat a faster car if he has a better reaction to the green light (leave before the green and get eliminated with a red light).
We are going to simulate this competition with a desktop device (christmas tree) that measures your reaction time and determines the quicker of two matched competitors. You will be paired initially by a draw, and the winner of the round advances to the next round. After round two (more about this later), a ladder will be made that determines the pairings until a winner & runner-up are determined.
We will be using the 'Pro Tree' again this year. Here, three yellow lights come on together with the green light lighting .400 second later. You will release the thumb held timing button as soon as you see the green light. Rollout would be set at .240 seconds, typical of a pro car. Release early and you gat a RED light and are eliminated.
But wait, there is money involved. Entry will cost $1.00. First round losers can buy back in for $1.00 (reason for drawing second round pairings. After you lose 2nd round, you are done). The winner will get 60% of the pot, runner up will get 40%. Also, anyone getting a perfect reaction time in competition (.000 seconds) will get a token prize.
Racing will start 6:00 pm. I will have the Porta-Tree set up the Clubhouse at 5:30 pm if you want to come up to practice. I will be managing the competition and will not be competing (maybe race the winner for fun). I will have a couple of pizzas to munch on until gone. You can bring something if you like.  BYOB.
Hopefully 2019 champ John Wrzeszcz and 2018 champion Ray Sherwood will be present to defend their titles!



Created By: Al Wilson